RPM Cellular Solution

Remote Patient Monitoring cellular solution is 100% turnkey. We provide the software, RPM Devices for Telehealth Healthcare, management, and tools for billing.

* No up-front cost, Free Hardware.

* Hardware shipped to provider or patient's home directly as needed.

* Support and maintenance of hardware (batteries, repairs, etc.)

* Track provider's time spend with the patient reviewing data to ensure appropriate billing.

* Clinical review: An internal clinical review team qualified to review patient data.

* Alerts to patients-usage reminders, health data out of compliance, advise to contact Dr.

* Ensures provider can bill for maximum amount for patient review.

* Saves time & money, minimizing practice's staff time reviewing data.

* No patient minimum to start. Start with 1, 10, 20 or more patients the first month.

* Stream Lined on boarding and deployment process. 

Improved MIPS score.