Medek RPM

Remote Patient Monitoring for Todays World

Chronic Care Management

Managing the health of patient populations with one or more chronic connditions over a period of time. Diabetes, COPD, CHF, Weight Gain, Hypertension, Glucose monitoring.

Post-Acute Monitoring

Immediately at hospital discharge, monitoring patients to ensure they do not return back to the hospital for re-admission.

 Simple & Flexible Platform

Monitoring platform's simple design easily track patients' RPM progress and maximize the billing revenue for your practice. Flexible enough to handle a multitude of billing codes for patient care plans.

Multiple RPM Devices for Telehealth Healthcare - One Platform

RPM platform keeps you connected to your patients health. Each of our devices are FDA cleared and qualify for remote patient monitoring billing. The platform gives you the tools to operate chronic care and remote patient monitoring for your practice.